Meet Our Team

Jeremy McKowen

General Manager


Jeremy started with LBC in 2016 as the Assistant General Manager. Two years later, he was promoted to General Manager and has been in that role ever since. One of his goals is to have the largest independently owned craft brewery in the state of Michigan!

Fav part of the job: “The people you get to work with, the people you meet, and having a love affair with craft beer.”

Fav LBC drink: “Rye Whiskey, straight up – love the layers of flavor and that it’s good all times of the year and any time of day.”

Fav LBC food: “Chicken wings – I love the smoked wings and having the ability to have them in a variety of sauces.”

Fav LBC Event: “Winter Warrior – I thoroughly enjoy bringing people together to embrace the elements, toast a beer, and have a fun, non-traditional drinking event.”

Personal – Outside of work

Jeremy is Michigan-made – graduating from Owosso High School, attending Lansing Community College, and then graduating from Michigan State University with a degree in Hospitality Business in 2005. Jeremy currently lives in Lansing with his wife Caity. They will be celebrating 10 years of marriage this year, and recently welcomed their first child into the world, Hudson Mckowen, who was born in December of 2021.

Hobbies: “I’m an avid snowboarder and golfer. I joined ski club in junior high but it wasn’t long until I found a snowboard in 8th grade and haven’t looked back since. I frequently take trips out west to snowboard as well as golf and hike.”

Just for fun

Q: You have the option to go into the future or into the past for one day – what would you pick and what would you want to do with your time?

A: “I would go back in the past and spend the day with my grandparents. I would want to hear their stories and take advantage of their wisdom.”

Q: If you could add one famous person to the LBC staff, who would it be and what would they do?

A: “Paul Rudd. He would add a dynamic, comedic experience to every shift. I would love for him to be bussing tables or a bar back and to interact with as many people as possible.”

Q: If you could pick one LBC staff member to help you get off a deserted island, who would you pick and what about them would help you both get off the island?

A: “I would pick our head brewer, Chris Ward. He’s creative solutions oriented and I know I’d get off the island with Chris’ help. Plus, we’d be able to ferment some beverages while we try to come up with ideas on how to get off the island.”

Monique Hudson

Assistant General Manager


Monique or “Mo”, has been with LBC since the re-opening in 2015. She started as a server, then quickly transitioned into a supervisor just three months later. Later, she was promoted to a manager and held that role for a couple years before being promoted to her current role of Assistant General Manager in 2018.

Fav part of the job: “Growth – one of my personal values is growth and the ability to overcome challenges, and that is something I have been able to do during my time at LBC.”

Fav LBC drink: “Velvet Villain – I didn’t initially like craft beer, but after trying VV I was hooked.”

Fav LBC food: “OG Chicken & Waffles –  I’d say our Chicken & Waffles is even better than some places like Roscoe’s that are famous for them.”

Fav LBC Event: “Winter Warrior –  my favorite part is watching the crowd and the energy that everyone has braving the elements together.”

Personal – Outside of work

Mo comes from a large family. Including cousins, she is number 32 out of 105! She is extremely close with her family and loves taking trips with them. Next big vacation is a European cruise that they’re planning for 2024!

Hobbies: Mo enjoys being out in the Lansing community. She regularly volunteers with Love the City, part of City Life Lansing. She can also be seen in Lansing sports leagues, kicking butt in softball or volleyball. She enjoys being busy because on top of all of that, she’s also getting her master’s degree from Central Michigan University in Administrative Leadership. She said that sports as well as working at LBC has led to her desire to learn and expand on her leadership background. One of Mo’s goals is to use her knowledge and skillset to give back to the community and make sure they have the resources they need to be successful.

Just for fun

Q: If you could have one superpower to help you with your job, what would it be and why?

A: “The ability to teleport. There just isn’t enough time in the day, and it would be awesome to quickly get from place to place.”

Q: If you could add one famous person to the LBC staff, who would it be and what would they do?

A: “Brene Brown, who holds a PhD in Philosophy and is the author of ‘Dare to Lead’. She would be the head of HR or a consultant.”

Q: What is one place you wish you could vacation at every year?

A: “Greece is on my bucket list. I would love to go there and visit a different island every year!”

Chris Ward

Head Brewer


Chris started his role of Head Brewer in September 2021 and is the second Head Brewer that LBC has had since the re-opening in 2015. While looking at his title you might think he’s cool because he’s “the guy that makes the beer”, but Chris is much more than the cool beer guy. One minute he’s in the cellar cleaning a tank and the next he’s in a planning meeting, making a sales call, or figuring out a name for the next new drink. Chris is truly a master at his craft and applies his knowledge and leadership skills to all departments at LBC.

Fav part of the job: “My favorite thing about LBC is the team. On every level we are filled with passionate and talented people who really champion their roles.”

Fav LBC drink: “Joe in Black, and not just because I love the man on the label (who also happens to be the reason I am here). It just checks a lot of boxes for me. I find myself enjoying the lower ABV beers more and more as I get older and have always gravitated towards stouts and porters. Joe in Black is a beautiful balance of lighter bodied, lower ABV beer while still being packed full of complex flavors of roast and chocolate.”

Fav LBC food: “I love all our food, but lately my favorite has been whatever random thing Thomas (kitchen manager) has been experimenting with that day. He just walks into the brewery or my office with a plate of – whatever – and it is always good and every new thing becomes my favorite.”

Fav LBC Event: “Winter Warrior. I’m not from a place where drinking outside in the dead of winter is really a thing, so that event is wild to me. I nearly got frostbite setting up for my first one but it was worth it to see everyone enjoying themselves in that environment together.”

 Personal – Outside of work

Chris is originally from Long Island, New York. He has moved around the country a dozen times in his life but New York will always be home for him because it’s where his family is. Chris now resides in Lansing with his wife, Megan, and their 18 month old son, Paul. When asked about his immediate family Chris replied “I love every day that I get to spend with them. I am nothing without my wife and son, they fill my world with love and give each day meaning.”

Hobbies: “My interests are incredibly varied. I love sports, hockey being my favorite. I love to cook, and I love to eat and drink. I love exploring history and culture through travel. Camping, hunting, hiking, fishing, live music, reading, movies… I could go on and on, I really am up for pretty much anything.”

Just for fun

Q: What’s the one place you wish you could vacation at every year?

A: “In the US it would probably be Acadia National Park in Maine. Let me go tent camping for a few weeks without any technology and I will truly be at peace. Some absolutely excellent hikes, amazing bike trails, some of the most beautiful scenery east of the Rockies, and a very ideal climate in June.”

Q: If you could add one famous person to the LBC staff, who would it be and what would they do?

A: “I’d have to pick Maynard James Keenan. Perhaps most well known as the lead singer of ‘Tool’, and ‘A Perfect Circle’, he is also a world-class wine maker and is the brain behind some equally world-class restaurants in Arizona. On top of that, he is a beautiful person and someone I greatly admire.”

Q: If you could pick one LBC staff member to help you get off a deserted island, who would you pick and what about them would help you both get off the island?

A: “This is an easy one. Hands down it’s Jeremy (LBC GM). First of all, he perfectly represents all of our core values, and is an incredibly capable individual. I’d trust him with my life and in this situation, that seems vital. More importantly, we both have beautiful little families that we have a strong desire to get off this stupid island and get back to, so the sense of purpose is going to be there. Plus, for whatever amount of time we are unfortunately stuck on this island, we are going to have a truly excellent time together.”