Sip & Stroll With Lansing Social Districts!


We’re thrilled to participate in the Lansing Social Districts, a resolution that allows residents and guests of our capital city to purchase drinks from their favorite restaurants, pubs, and breweries, and enjoy them outdoors — anywhere in the designated Social District common areas! 

So come over to LBC for a drink or two, then explore what Lansing has to offer with a drink to-go! See below for some activity ideas, our Social Districts Drink Menu, and Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Lansing Social District is a network of businesses and common areas that enable residents and visitors to purchase drinks and alcoholic beverages and consume them outdoors, within the district. Beverages must be purchased from registered businesses and contained in an approved Social District Cup.

Common areas are within the Stadium District, Downtown, Oldtown, and REO Town in Lansing. See the map below for the common areas near Lansing Brewing Company.

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If you’re already at the brewery, you can order a drink to-go from your table or the bar. We’ll give you a designated cup or reusable bottle for you to take with you when you leave.

If you’re swinging by LBC just to pick up a drink to-go, head up to the front bar and order there. We’ll whip it up it for you!

You can consume beverages provided by any of the registered businesses with the Social District, but they must be purchased. So leave the bottles of wine at home and get a drink from us!

Plan Your Visit

What will you see and do thanks to the Lansing Social District? We’ve got some ideas to help get you started!

Order a drink from LBC, then head down to the Rotary Park beach or Electric Forest for a unique date night.

Enjoy the Lansing Social District with your dog!

Get your dog walking crew together, order some cocktails to-go, and enjoy a walk around the Stadium District with your favorite pups.

Take your drink to the Lugnuts game with the Lansing Social District.

Take your Lansing Brewing Company beer with you on the way to the Lugnuts game.

Take photos along the Lansing river trail with our Lansing Social District drinks

Go on an Instagram Expedition and take photos in front of the beautiful murals, artwork, and natural wonders within the Social District — with your go-to drink of choice from LBC!