Northern escape

Northern Escape, Lansing Brewing Company's Flagship IPA

ready to escape?

Michigan highways lead us North. Like veins that carry the traveler into the heart of our state, both promise the farther north you go, the more they reveal, as you escape the ordinary and enter the extraordinary world of northern Michigan. 

There is no better companion for your northern experience than a beer that’s equal to the task. It’s a big job, but this is a big beer — and it delivers with a deliciously fresh, hoppy, aromatic punch that is perfect for the boat, the beach, or a fireside chat. 

What wait? 

Escape today. 


AMERICAN IPA – Northern Escape is an India Pale Ale that strikes a balance between the tried-and-true classic west coast style with the modern “juicy” IPA trend. 

FLAVOR – This brew has a solid malt backbone that we in the Midwest are known for — without an overload of malt and sweetness. Hints of carmel and biscuit provide the support needed to balance the abundance of hops. Bitter but not harsh, the hops sing with citurs notes complimenting the bready malt charater. The aroma is strong and lasting, with layers of citurs, pine, and tropical fruit. 

SPECS – 6.9% ABV. 66 IBU. 8 SRM.