Hard Nose Spirits

Hard Nose Spirits is the handcrafted liquor brand of Lansing Brewing Company. Our spirits are locally made and are proofed, bottled, and sealed onsite at the brewery. All Hard Nose Spirits are 40% ABV, 80 proof. 

Hard Nose spirits are available for purchase at Lansing Brewing Company and are used exclusively in all our drinks and cocktails  – and soon, coming to a liquor store near you


Made from grain. A classic vodka great for the freezer.

Tropical notes in this Michigan rum bring paradise to you. 

A juniper forward gin with complex citrus botanical aromas & flavors.

Perfect for whiskey people — spicy, peppery, and nicely aged with American White Oak. 

Limited release whiskey, made with our Amber Cream Ale wort & aged in Hungarian Oak to provide a subtle spice & hits of vanilla. 

Made from 100% Organic Agave. A type of tequila — just not distilled in Mexico. Great for sipping, shooting, margaritas and palomas.