Flight Nights With Quality Dairy (4/3-4/4)

$12 – 1 Beer Flight with 1 Donut Flight

$14 – 1 Beer Flight with 2 Donut Flights (perfect to share!) 

Mug Club Members Get $1 Off! 

Union Golden Lager + Plain Donut

No frills here. If they were humans they would both be down-to-earth, blue collar Lanstronauts. Simplicity is bliss. We love it. You will too.

Amber Cream Ale + Sour Crème Donut

Remember how magical your very first kiss was? Neither do we. So instead, we put together a kiss of magic that you will remember for at least the rest of the day, maybe longer… Our flag ship Amber Cream ale smooches oh so well with this sour crème donut.

Blueberry Cider + Blueberry Donut

Blueberries on blueberries on blueberries. Have you ever been frolicking through a blueberry patch, caught one of those bushes just right, and landed face first giving you a purple face? That’s kind of what this is like. As The Beatles never said… blueberry fields forever!

Velvet Villain + Chocolate Donut

Death by chocolate. If there’s a better way to go out, let us know.

Wired ‘N Jiggy + Cinnamon Powdered Sugar Donut

Whether it’s the morning caffeine buzz or the sugar rush that gets you going then this is sure to take you to the top. Everything about this is good, and nothing about it will put you to sleep.