Flight Nights With
Great Harvest Bread (6/24-6/25)

$16 – 1 Beer Flight with 1 Bread Flight Pairing

Mug Club Members Get $1 Off! 

Urban Grove Wheat + Everything

Urban Grove lets the Everything shine! With just a splash of citrus, the flavors meld to give you Everything you ever wanted!

THE BREAD: Our Everything bread has, well, everything in it! All the classic seeds and spices in an everything bagel, without that annoying hole through the middle. 

Union Golden Lager + Sourdough

Union Golden Lager is the perfect complement to this sourdough bread as its light body and crisp clean finish do not overpower the tanginess that the sourdough lends. 

THE BREAD: Simply delicious, flour, water, salt, yeast, this bread relies on time and patience to get that tangy sour flavor loved by all. This bread has a chewy crust with a light fluffy center.

Amber Cream Ale + Amber Cream Cheddar          Bacon Beer Bread

Amber Cream pairs perfectly with this cheddar bacon bread by adding depth and accentuates the bacon as well as the overall subtle sweetness of the bread itself!

THE BREAD: This bread is hydrated with the classic Amber Cream Ale brewed right here in Lansing! With crispy bacon, chives, and hunks of cheddar folded in to our freshly milled whole wheat flour, this bread is a must have!

Beaumont Brown Ale + Velvet Villain Gouda Beer Bread

Beaumont Brown adds a layer of nutty, caramel, and slight roasted notes that bring everything together for a fantastic sweet and savory experience. 

THE BREAD: This bread is the best of both worlds, sweet and savory!  Made with our freshly milled whole wheat flour, melty Smoked Gouda cheese, and LBC’s Velvet Villain to round it all out.

Velvet Villain Porter + Cinnamon Swirl

There is not a whole lot better than this! The cinnamon swirl filling pairs well with the chocolate and soft coffee notes from Velvet Villain. It’s like breakfast dessert! 

THE BREAD: Our cinnamon swirl bread is made with a soft white dough and swirled with cinnamon filling to bring a sweet smile to anyone who partakes!