Ball Dropper

This Double IPA is sure to satisfy the palate of hop heads. Tangerine and grapefruit aromas give way to a substantial amount of complex hop flavors and leaves a bit of a lingering bitterness. A west coast style Double IPA the hops are on the forefront and dominate this beer throughout.

Vow of Silence

This blonde, high gravity ale does not drink like a 9.5% beer. With fruity and spicy yeast esters, Vow of Silence is a beer that would make the monks proud.

Black Hole Stout

Chocolate up front, this stout gives way to mellow roasted malt character in the background. The flaked barley in this beer makes Black Hole drink exceptionally smooth.

Soul Slayer

Huge complex flavors linger about in Soul Slayer Imperial Stout. Inspired by the music, Slayer, that was playing on this beer’s brew day. A big body with large amounts of roast, chocolate and coffee. The initial flavors lead into a taste of brewer’s licorice at the finish of this beer. “More black than your soul.”

Best Coast Pale Ale

Brewed in the state with the best coastline in the country, Michigan, is where this beer gets its name. Complex hop flavors dominate the palate giving off floral, citrus and slight minty notes. Best Coast has just enough malt in the background for balance, but still allows the hops to be the forefront of this beer.

Repeal Imperial Gold

An imperial rendition of our Union Golden Ale. Delicate malt with a blend of noble and American hops. A bit of fruit comes through from the American hops and a warming finish.

Low Rye’d Stout

A unique take on a stout. The chocolate and roasted malts make their debut in the background of this beer. The earthy rye tones present themselves up front and the beer finishes dry.

Dumb Ass Rick India Red

Deep red color with complex layered caramel and dark malt profile. The malt backbone hands off to a well-balanced spicy and floral hop undertone to make this beer not just malt forward but simultaneously hop forward. The best of both worlds.

Spartan Dawgs Wheat Pale Ale

Simple yet unique in its own way. Wheat Pale is the blending of a bready summer wheat with just an extra dash of hops to make the flavor profile pop with hints of citrus. Perfect for the low ABV sipper.

Angry Mayor IPA

The dry hop aromas lend to floral and tropical fruit characteristics. Bursts of citrus and piney flavor balance the subtle malt profile letting the hop flavors shine through.