Backstop Bock – winter seasonal

Backstop Bock, Lansing Brewing Company's Winter Seasonal Beer


Whether you’re a fan of hockey or just like the idea of skating on thin ice, this crisp refreshing bock wakes up your taste buds like a liquid puck that hits the net every time.

It’s a befitting hardy brew for a sport that allows hitting people with a stick and slamming your opponent into a glass wall for fun.

You won’t find a better partner to help bide your time in the penalty box or when you let out a huge celly from the stands and spill half of it on the guy next to you. 

So.. you ready to score? 


BOCK – This is a German-style dark lager that is typically stronger and more malty, in an effort to help sustain hard work during times of fasting.

FLAVOR – Backstop Bock features a rich malt profile that is on the sweeter side with toasty and nutty characterisitcs shining through. It has a soft body, a stylistically appropriate medium level of bitterness, and very little hop character. The aroma is strongly of malt, and the finish is crisp and smooth. 

SPECS – 6% ABV. 23 IBU. 16 SRM.