Sitting Lakeside


There is nothing like finding your spot at the end of a dock on a lake you call home – even if home is only for an hour, a day or a weekend. Whether you’re watchin’ sunsets over Charlevoix, pullin’ walleye out of Houghton, or dancin’ on the sandbar at Torch, you can bet there is a beer involved at everyone’s favorite watering hole. We set out to make that beer and succeeded.

Introducing Sitting Lakeside, our new everyday brew that upgrades any occasion. So, when the rest of the world is too busy to notice – find some water, plant yourself, dip your toes in & crack a cold one. Enjoy!  



STYLE – A traditional German lager featuring a copper color that shares characteristics with a German Märzen. While rarer in Europe these days, the style is very prevalent in American beer both macro and craft.

FLAVOR – Sitting Lakeside features a rich malt profile that imparts a toasty flavor and subtle malt sweetness while still drinking light and crisp. A midrange bitterness from German noble hops adds balance and makes this beer drinkable all year long. The aroma is a toasty and bready malt with just a touch of noble hop. 

SPECS – 4.9% ABV. 23 IBU. 7.5 SRM.