Flight Nights With
Don Pancho Market (4/3-4/4)

$14 – 1 Beer Flight with 1 Dip Flight & Tortilla Chips

Mug Club Members Get $1 Off! 

Union Golden Lager + Guacamole

Smoooooth all the way through. Creamy guacamole can never really be beat, but pair it with Union Golden Lager and you have yourself an untouchable amount of happiness.

Angry Mayor IPA + Pico de Gallo

When a fresh garden meets the tropics. So many great aromas and bright flavors of freshness that will surely not disappoint.

Joe In Black Ale + Salsa Roja

A flavor explosion in your mouth. Some smokiness, but not like a campfire blowing in your face, no, much more enjoyable. Depth and wonderment.

Peninsula Pils + Salsa Verde

Like the middle of a party when you realize you actually can dance a little bit, but the night is still young, and your dance moves are just reaching the lower threshold of spicy.

Munchies Double Dank + Salsa Árbol

Your dance moves have now reached folklore. You’ve really made it now and you can taste it. Maybe you sweat a little, but it feels good. Mission accomplished.