Michigan Medley Pale Ale

The name says it all, Michigan Medley Pale Ale, is made with all Michigan ingredients. Pilot Malt house pale ale and light munich malt are the backbone of this beer, laying the foundation for a dry, clean and crisp malt profile. Hop Head Farms 069 and Tops Hop Farm Tahoma are a perfect blend to create a pineapple and pine flavor profile that is perfect for drinking on the patio.

Ushanka Baltic Porter

A medium bodied traditional style Baltic Porter. Sweet, smooth chocolate is apparent from the first sip and leads into more complex caramel layers, and a hint of dark fruit that complement the notes of chocolate. Made only from the finest European malt, Ushanka is a decadent treat. At 8.8% it could warm you up in a cold Russian winter, yet is enjoyable in the summer months as well. Yes, it’s a lager!

Pog Mo Thoin

This stout is everything an Irish beer should be. A roasty nose and flavor are apparent throughout the experience with this beer. Pog Mo Thoin is nitrogenized to give it a smooth, creamy mouthfeel while finishing dry just like a traditional Irish stout.

Ain’t No Drama Imperial Red

This Imperial Red Ale has a nice malty body and beautiful ruby color…but don’t be fooled. This beer also packs a nice bitter punch. With fruit and pine in the aroma and flavor, this beer is exactly what it’s name is, “Ain’t no drama!”

Bock in Business

A classic German Bock. The malt sweetness comes forward throughout this beer and is balanced with a small amount of toasted character.

The Hermit Old Ale

This Old Ale starts with a nice caramel sweetness leading into fruity yeast esters with a balanced bitterness. Good medium bodied ale that isn’t too heavy and finishes dry.

Mild’s Davis

A low ABV session beer designed to be malt forward, a nod to it’s English origins. Caramel malt backbone with just a hint of toasted character. Experimental 069 hops from Hop Head Farms give this beer just enough to balance yet allow the malt to shine through.

Hash Sipa

Hash Sipa utilizes hops grown at Top Hops Farm in Goodrich, MI. Tropical fruits, citrus and berry on the nose with just enough malt sweetness to balance. This Session IPA was dry hopped with hop hash, which is where the name is derived.

Das Helles Licht

Das Helles Licht is a traditional German style lager. This beer starts with a bready malt sweetness that ends with just a bit of noble hop spiciness to complement. Crisp, clean, light and refreshing.

El Nino

An American Blonde Ale with a light golden malt profile with just a hint of American hop character. A light, dry and crisp blonde ale that has been dry hopped to give the aromatics of a pale ale, while maintain its sessionable drinkability.