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What’s Happening

New Year. New Brew.

As we reflect on all the goals we broke in 2016, it’s time to jump on the bandwagon and make some resolutions (we think) we will keep this year. Here are our steadfast and serious goals for 2017.

Establish a schedule

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s hard to establish a schedule. Have no fear, here at LBC we have taken it upon ourselves to make it easier for you. Every Monday we have a set activity to start your week off right and help you establish a plan for the rest of the month.

Mug Club to the rescue! Once you sign up you get $2 off beers and half off appetizers on Mondays. You also receive great discounts on retail and lots of other exclusive perks. Get organized by drinking beer, it’s a win-win, really. Treat yo self, it’s a new year!

Get fit

The holidays are over and we are starting to feel a lot less jolly and a bit more jelly. It’s crucial to properly fuel up before your workout.  Burning calories requires having calories to burn, so in 2017, we resolve to get the proper carbohydrates before we hit the gym. Yeah, you get the drift… we are talking about beer and a stadium district burger. Some carbs and protein will you get you feeling motivated.

Sit down, fuel up and get #swol. First stop: LBC, second stop: fitness center, or just stop at the first stop. There’s always 2018.

Be more social

Every year we say we are going to “try new things” and “be more adventurous”, but somehow every Saturday night we end up in our sweatpants, three hours deep in a Game of Thrones binge. Not in 2017! Well probably in 2017 too, but we want to at least TRY to be more social.

Mark your calendars because the social event of the winter is on its way. Winter Warrior is Saturday, Feb. 18. New brews, a fire-pit and outdoor games will make this second annual winter wonderland patio party one for the books.  Some of the proceeds go to charity, so at least you will freeze your ass off for a good cause.  You will meet new people, be adventurous and have something to look forward to for the next month. That’s like all of our resolutions in one.

It might be challenging, but we are willing to do anything it takes to accomplish our goals, here at LBC. We hope you join us in crushing our goals in 2017, and we look forward to another year of good beer, good food and good friends.

What is a Brewers Dinner about?

Every three months LBC has a Brewer’s Dinner with four special courses and a perfectly paired beer to accompany each dish. Let me preface this with the fact that I had only ever had nachos or a burger at LBC before this experience. No offense to my very favorite macho nachos, but I was robbing myself. The Brewer’s Dinner was a seriously awesome experience, and not just because of the food!

I got to LBC and was taken back into the brewery. The actual brewery where all the beer is made (how cool). I sat down with the rest of the attendees and right off the bat I was pulled into a conversation. This is one of the most fun parts about the dinner: everyone instantly becomes friends.

First Course

Head Brewer, Sawyer, and Executive Chef, Chris, came out and introduced each course. We started off with beer steamed clams with linguica sausage, roasted peppers, leeks, roasted garlic and tomatoes. It was sort of spicy and completely delicious.

The clams were paired with the Wok Da Wok IPA. Wok Da Wok is light and as Sawyer described it, made with ‘sexy hops”. I loved it and if you even remotely like IPAs, I highly recommend it.

Second Course

The next course was a maple roasted carrot salad. It consisted of arugula, marcona almonds, goat cheese, cranberries, roasted shallot-ginger vinaigrette and of course, roasted carrots. This is one of those things that I would never order if I saw it on the menu, but now I am having dreams about cranberries and goat cheese.

Farmer Willy’s Cream Ale was the beer of choice for this salad, and let me tell you they are a match made in heaven. It is light, sweet and made with cream malt and corn, hence the name. This was my favorite beer of the night.

Third Course

Here is where my mouth starts to water as I write this blog. The third course was bison shepherd’s pie with English peas, heirloom carrots and sweet onions in a rich stout gravy. All of that yum was topped with creamy purple Peruvian potatoes, Irish cheddar and fresh chives. It was hearty, rich, creamy and oh so savory. Potatoes and cheese are in my top ten favorite foods, so I was sold on this from the moment I saw it.

The 1898 Imperial Stout was the wonderfully paired beer for this course. At a whopping 9.5% ABV, this dark, 100% centennial hops craft beer is not messing around. This seemed to be the crowd favorite, and for good reason.

Fourth Course

Here we go. At this point I had convinced myself I would only eat one bite of dessert because I was so stuffed. Then, all of the sudden the plate in front of me was empty and I was off in some chocolate wonderland that I had no regrets about.

Dessert was a black and tan brownie with cheesecake frosting, espresso ice cream and raspberry compote. Nobody takes just one bite of that. The warm, gooey brownie, topped with the sweet raspberry and rich espresso was a combination like no other.

To make it even better, this sweet plate was accompanied by the Udder Chaos Milk Stout. It’s a little sweet, dark, smooth and has perfect chocolate notes. Beer and brownie is the new milk and cookie.

The Gist

The Brewer’s Dinner is a must. It’s hard to decide if the company, food or beer is the best part. You leave happy, full and ready to sign up for the next one. All I can say is that if you’ve never done it, you really should. Mug Club members also get a growler of their favorite beer from the night to take home and enjoy. All in all it’s a super fun experience and allows you to try new things that absolutely do not disappoint.

Want to go to the next one? LBC is hosting a Brewer’s Brunch! Head over on January 15 at 11 a.m. For more information visit here.

12 Days of LBC

The holiday season is underway, which means shoppers are shopping and brewers are brewing. Here are 12 of our retail items that will leave your loved ones feeling merry and bright and keep you out of the mall this Christmas.

On the first day of LBC, my true love sent to me: a Mug Club membership!

The perfect gift for the beer lover in your life, and it only costs $60 for a year-long membership. You receive a membership card, limited edition Mug Club t-shirt and a logo pint glass upon sign up.

In case that isn’t enough for you, Mug Club members also get loyalty points with purchases and several other premium amenities. Mug Club Mondays at the Stockhouse give members the first chance to try new beers, half off appetizers, $2 off all beers and other special deals.

Want more information about Mug Club? Check out our vlog about it here.

If your special someone likes beer, a fun environment and free stuff, the Mug Club is the way to go.

Second day of LBC: Tickets to the Brewer’s Brunch og-box

Heard of the Brewer’s Dinner? Well, we’re kicking it up a notch. The menu will be released soon, but until then, look forward to four perfectly paired beers and a reason to celebrate at LBC in the middle of the day. Mark your calendars for January 15, 2017 at 11 A.M.

P.S. If you give two tickets, you’ll probably get invited. It’s like a gift to yourself, and that’s the real spirit of Christmas.

Third day of LBC: OG Big Box

The Big Box combines some our classic favorites at a discounted price. Get two pint glasses, an LBC t-shirt, hat and a Lansing Made sticker for $50. Cover all your bases and give yourself another reason to come in to LBC to pick it up.

Fourth day of LBC: Lansing Made sticker

The best add-on to any present. Perfect your little brother’s laptop or your best friend’s car. Original, authentic and gives you all the #LoveLansing vibes.

Fifth day of LBC: Growler

Snowjob Winter Warmer is back on tap and tastes even better from the comfort of your home, with your matching holiday jammies on. This one is self explanatory.

Sixth day of LBC: Baseball Cap

For lying around and watching football or for a night out in Stadium District, this 517 staple is a must have for any of your Lansing loved ones.

Seventh day of LBC: Gift Card

Can’t decide between all the great offers this season? Let your friends and family pick for themselves.hat-lbc

Eighth day of LBC: Pint glasses

A set of these branded logo glasses are sure to be a hit with the beer drinker in your life. Bonus points if you pick up a crowler to pair them with!

Ninth day of LBC: T-shirt

Simple, soft and you can choose from a variety of sizes and designs. Rep your favorite brewery anyplace, anytime.

Tenth day of LBC: Quarter zip

Does your boyfriend live in his favorite old hoodie all winter long? Upgrade him with an LBC quarter zip that will have him feeling cozy in no time.

Eleventh day of LBC: Pom-pom hat

These new hats are cute, comfy and practical. From the ski slope to the brewery, this hat is perfect for anyone and everyone you are buying for this Christmas.

On the twelfth day of LBC my true love sent to me: Twelve bottles of Hard Nose

Pick up a bottle of Cab to celebrate the New Year and round out your last day of LBC gifts.

On the twelfth day of LBC my true love sent to me:

 Twelve bottles of Hard Nose

Eleven pom-pom hats

Ten quarter zip sweatshirts

Nine brewery t-shirts

Eight pint glasses

Seven loaded gift cards

Six baseball caps


Four Lansing Made stickers

Three OG big Boxes

Two Brewer’s Brunch tickets

And a Mug Club Membership

Calling Future Mug Clubbers

Mug Club launched one year ago and there was booming success. In the first year it was limited to 517 memberships but wait…. we have now opened it to and limitless capacity! What is this Mug Club you may ask? Sawyer and Chad can tell you.

Cost for Mug Club: $60 for initial sign up and $40 renewal fee.

Once you sign up for this amazing club, you receive your membership card that is valid for one year, Mug Club t-shirt and logo pint class and benefits start right away.

Members need to provide their card to get some sweet benefits. When your card is swiped, you build loyalty points to redeem gift cards.

On Mondays, the Stockhouse is your home. You get $2 off all beers, 1/2 off appetizers, first taste of newly released beers on Monday only.

One Monday a month, the brewers host a Mug Club meeting to discuss all things beer.

You receive a 20 oz pour for the 16 oz price. $1 off all high gravity beers and $1 off beer flights. $2 off all growler and howler purchases and $1 off Crowler purchase.

You also get some great discounts on retail. Members receive 15% discount on all retail excluding sale items, not applicable with other discounts or promos.

Last but not least, you get special invites to Brewers Dinners, VIP festival giveaways and early access to events, festivals and other contests.

So, you should probably join. AMIRIGHT?

Thank you, Lansing


It’s officially Lansing Brewing Company’s first anniversary. The past 12 months have been full of amazing memories, great craft beer and most important… You! Thank you, Lansing, for making Lansing Brewing Company feel at home. lbc_infographics-02lbc_infographics-01

In celebration of the first 365 days, we wanted to share just how much we’ve felt the Lansing love. So how does LBC measure a year? In 10,183 LBC mules, 23,177 Amber Creams and 10,049 nachos sold. Not only that, but we’ve also made more than 50 original beers! 

The brew house produces an average of 3,600 pounds of “brewer’s grain” each week.  This is an annual production of roughly 187,200 pounds of grain. Thank you to Eagle Beef for raising 20 Beef cattle and four hogs in the past year, utilizing the brewer’s lbc_infographics-03grain as part of their daily ration.lbc_infographics-04

We cannot wait to continue to grow and thrive in the capital city. As a “thank you” for everything you have given us our first year, we invite you to come out and join us for Brewtoberfest on Saturday, Oct. 22. There is no entry fee; we just want to celebrate with you! 

Brewtoberfest features live music, German-inspired food specials, Batch 100 Anniversary Ale release and Oktoberfest on draft. Save the date to come out and party with LBC.

Perfect Game Day Companion

It’s game day in Spartan Nation and you already know what that means. It’s time to Tailgate. What better way to celebrate game day than with a crowler of your favorite beer to-go?  We took it upon ourselves to find you the very best places on campus to enjoy your favorite LBC brew.

So, without further ado here are your green and white game day tailgate spots.

img_2009The Student Union

What can’t you do at the union? You can bowl, enjoy an ice cream cone, study all night and now… drink your crowler. The beautiful lawn on the north edge of campus puts you in the prime spot for corn hole, grilling and getting to the stadium on time to watch the Spartans kick ass.

We suggest you enjoy the Dark Side Stout at the Union. Smooth chocolate and coffee notes make the perfect combo for this morning tailgate spot.

img_2028Sparty Statue

The one you know and love. You’ve seen him a thousand times, but now it’s time to say “Cheers, Sparty” and enjoy a cold one with the man of the hour. Get there an hour before kick-off to watch the team walk into the stadium while the Spartan Marching Band plays the fight song. Hanging out with this bronze hunk gives you a great view of the red cedar and the school that’s known to all.

Pick up a crowler of Angry Mayor to drink with Sparty. Bold flavor for the bravest warrior the world has ever known.

img_2052Spartan Stadium

Last, but not least, you have to tailgate where the magic happens. Spartan Stadium is a given for any and all game day festivities. Nothing beats the atmosphere of thousands of Spartans preparing for glory. You’re already right where you need to be and it can’t get much better than a beer and a brat in the center of campus.

Hermit Old Ale has caramel notes and balanced bitterness that make for the ultimate autumn ale. Football. Fall. Beer. It just makes sense.

Back Bar Banter Episode 3

The brewers are back at it again. Curious about the hops behind the delicious beer you are drinking at Lansing Brewing Company? How about where they are from? Join Chad and Sawyer for some Back Bar Banter about the hops from Michigan.

Back Bar Banter Episode 2

It’s that time of the month again. Ever go into LBC and see those cans sitting on the table? What the F*$#k is that? A crowler. Join Chad and Sawyer with some Back Bar Banter about what the hell the point of a crowler is and why you should get one.


Behind the Beer: Anthony Gose

ItGose Beer’s summertime at LBC, which means that for three months out of the year we push our beloved Black Velvet to the side and let another beer shine. The light and refreshing Anthony Gose is our superstar of summer.

This German wheat beer is kettle soured the old fashioned way. Brewed with coriander and sea salt, the Anthony Gose is the perfect light drink for a hot summer day.

Sawyer, one of our brave and bearded brewers claims that this beer is the king of LBC this season. He made this brew with summer in mind and some tunes to inspire the flavor. Crisp, refreshing and little tart- you can’t go wrong.

Chef Chris says to pair this drink with our G.O.A.T salad. Arugula, Israeli couscous, dried cranberries, toasted walnuts, goat cheese, tomatoes and orange-balsamic vinaigrette make for the perfect light pairing. Come in and savor the flavors of summer with us.

Healthy and Fit with Beer

Looking for a fun way stay fit this summer? Or just an excuse to grab a beer with your friends?

Participate in the Lansing Brewing Company Brew Run series. The monthly races start and end right here at LBC.

The Gillespie Group, Michigan Fitness Foundation and Playmakers have teamed up with us to provide this awesome event. Each event will feature a new charity to support within the community. The races are free, so all donations are greatly appreciated.  Playmakers will also provide a monthly vendor with demo products and swag to raffle off. Of course, LBC pint glasses and Brew Run shirts will be available for purchase, as well.

Enjoy a night at your favorite place and get your steps in, too! The next race is July 12. Registration is now open! LBC-brewrun1-7-2016-1